body panel paintingCar Body Panel Painting


Our Panel painting services offer the facility to paint individual body panels on your vehicle.

Sometimes a dent or scratch on your vehicles panel can’t be repaired using our smart repair techniques and the complete body panel needs to be repainted. Our auto painters are experts in the preparation and painting of car & suv bodywork resulting in a factory new finish with a perfect colour match. 

Using high quality automotive paints and the latest spray booth technology our experienced auto painters produce a perfect colour match every time.

Our Body Panel Painting service is used for:

  • Car Accident Repairs
  • Deep Bodywork Scratch Repairs
  • Colour Matching New Body Panels
  • Colour Coding Roof or Bumpers to match the vehicles body colour

Bespoke Autocare has some of the most advanced paint booths in the region that allow us to produce a perfect finish on all our paint services.


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